I had to work the whole day yesterday and I promised my hubby that I would cook dinner last night instead of going out on our usual "Fridates" because we were scheduled for a home massage later in the evening. I got home pretty late and I had only an 90 minutes to cook something! That's when I remembered I had these in stock!
So all I had to do was ask our helper to buy a kilo of chicken wings at Rustan's Fresh and problem solved!

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I first heard about this from my sister. I had dinner at her house one time and she made this dish for her kids and I just loved it! So I remember buying a few packs and had been promising myself that I would make this dish one time (schedule permitting). So, here I am now, finally having the time to cook and take photos too!
The instructions are very easy to follow, so it's a guarantee you won't fail in making this!
Let's begin by heating your oil. Set the fire on medium heat. You want to cook your chicken thoroughly, and a highly heated oil can burn the chicken skin even before you get to the core.

1. Wash the chicken wings and set aside. For this recipe, I used approximately 1 kilo.


2. Use 2 packs of Korean Soy Garlic Chicken mix. 1 pack calls for 1/2 kilo of chicken pieces, so I used 2.


3. You can choose to dip and fry, or just dump all the chicken pieces you want in the batter mix and coating each piece evenly. Don't worry if the batter doesn't stick to the chicken, it may seem that way but don't worry, it's been coated!

4. No fry the chicken pieces. Don't over crowd your pan because this will "cool" the oil and it will take time for the oil to reach its optimum heat for frying.

It took me 8 minutes to fry each side (so 16 minutes per batch), but if you have a deep frier where the chicken is fully submerged then it probably will take you 8 minutes in total to fry.


5. The chicken pieces will be a nice golden brown color. Check if the meat is cooked and then drain.

6. Transfer the cooked chicken in a bowl where you can stir in the sauce. The instructions say to put it in a container with a lid and you can "shake" but stirring the chicken is OK.

I used 2 packs of Korean sauce to coat 1 kilo. If you're thinking "there is no way that tiny pack can coat the chicken I am making so I better use 3 or 4", it's not. 1 pack is enough to coat 1/2 kilo, so adjust according to how much chicken you're making.

Serve hot and enjoy!

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