I would give up eating a real meal for desserts. Yes, coming from a long line of diabetics, I am a sweet tooth, it's something I should not be proud of. So, I do substitutes. Instead of that free all-you-can-eat bread at the restaurant, I skip it. Soda? No thanks, I'll save it for dessert instead. Hmm... steaming rice with that sinigang? Ignore ignore. I'd rather have dessert.

So, having established that, let me tell you about one of my favorite desserts of all time. Cookie cups.
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Maechibog owners Chino & Mae Laurel have the most amazing 100% beef tenderloin tapa in town. Chino is a good friend of mine and I have heard about my other friends raving about it. So I ordered a kilo to try.

Raul and I loved it! We only get to eat it on Sundays though because it's so yummy that if we have it everyday, we'll finish the whole bag in just a few days. 

Not only do they specialize in beef tapa, but they have other food by order as well. I have yet to try them but I have heard so much great reviews about them. I stole some photos from their Facebook so that I can share with you the yumminess of their food! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)