I would give up eating a real meal for desserts. Yes, coming from a long line of diabetics, I am a sweet tooth, it's something I should not be proud of. So, I do substitutes. Instead of that free all-you-can-eat bread at the restaurant, I skip it. Soda? No thanks, I'll save it for dessert instead. Hmm... steaming rice with that sinigang? Ignore ignore. I'd rather have dessert.

So, having established that, let me tell you about one of my favorite desserts of all time. Cookie cups.
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A little background about the person behind the company. Ivorie Acosta is the baker and owner of CookieBar Manila. A pre-school teacher by day, and a pastry chef by night. Literally. Even though she's got her hands full teaching kiddies during the day, she bakes the night away filling orders of CookieBar fans (including me. Hehe.)
Appetite Magazine, February 2012
A dessert lover herself, she went to New York to get training in cake and bread making. How's that for a license to brag?

But Ivorie has built her company from the ground up, but completely stays grounded. A lot of people have tried to imitate her delectable goodies trying to mass produce her cookies but not one has come close.

Unlike those baking giants who's in it for the moolah, Ivorie makes sure that each and every cookie cup she sells are made personally by her. Now that's dedication.

Ivorie is in it for the love of baking and good food. Maybe that's why her treats has maintained its quality since 2009.

Here are just a few of her creations, my favorites of course!
This is my all time favorite, marshmallow cookie cups. And to my delight...
... she came out with a gigantic cookie cake version of the mallow cookie cup!
And of course, the Oreo cookie dough cups! (*shrieks in delight*)
I fantasize about CookieBar cookie cups than I do porn. LOL Anyhoo, I better stop right here because I haven't stopped salivating from the moment I started writing about this.

For more info on CookieBar, visit vwww.ILoveCookies.net, or like their FB fan page by clicking HERE.

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