Don't you just hate it when you open that microwave door and you are overcome by the smell of the inside? Smells like that hotdog or popcorn you made last week? I found the perfect recipe to rid of those awful smells effectively. Sometimes, cleaning it just ain't enough. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

1 Lemon
1 Cinnamon Stick (you can go for two if you want it more cinnamon-y)
6 pcs. Cloves dried flower buds (available in supermarkets or Indian stores)
6 pcs. Star Anise
1 Cup Water

Build all your ingredients in a microwave safe bowl: 

1. Put water in the bowl.
2. Slice the tip of your lemon exposing it so you can squeeze a little of the juice in the water, about 1 Tbsp. Mix and put the rest of your lemon in the water.
3. Add the rest of your ingredients in the bowl.
4. On high heat, microwave your mixture for 3 minutes. When it's done, leave it in there until it cools completely. What I do is that I do this at night so I can leave it overnight. When you open that door, you will be left with a sweet smelling microwave, smelling like Christmas!

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