Whenever I need baking tools and supplies that are not readily available in our groceries or bake shops, I buy them via eBay USA. I have them shipped here and it usually takes days so I have to put everything on hold until I receive the tools that I need.

I recently read in a blog that when baking cakes, I should use baking strips by Wilton. A strip that you dampen, and wrap around the baking pan so that the cakes do not bunch up in the center. Until that day I read that article, I have never heard about these things existing.

So, I bought one a pack of 2 (for 9in and 10in pans) for $7.35. Then, days later -while anxiously waiting for my package, I come across these strips in SM! (Read On by clicking Read More --)
Gourdo's is such a fun place to visit. I love going there and just checking out what new stuff they have in there.
I don't know what "Pearl Series" means but this is the first time I've seen a non-stick whisk. I am really excited to use this! I don't think I can use this for thick batters though because it's not that firm. It's actually bendy and flexible. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

What's the scoop?


One of my favorite tools is the ice cream scooper. I love that it can give your cookies a uniformed size, and you can use it too to scoop your cupcake batter so that they have the same measurements.

SM Home Department had a sale and I was able to buy these stainless scoops at 20% off! Yay! I was so happy I bought 2 sizes. The one on top is the smaller scoop. Love it!

Indian Ingredients


FINALLY! Rustan's has Indian ingridents in their supermarket in the International/Imported Goods aisle!