Whenever I need baking tools and supplies that are not readily available in our groceries or bake shops, I buy them via eBay USA. I have them shipped here and it usually takes days so I have to put everything on hold until I receive the tools that I need.

I recently read in a blog that when baking cakes, I should use baking strips by Wilton. A strip that you dampen, and wrap around the baking pan so that the cakes do not bunch up in the center. Until that day I read that article, I have never heard about these things existing.

So, I bought one a pack of 2 (for 9in and 10in pans) for $7.35. Then, days later -while anxiously waiting for my package, I come across these strips in SM! (Read On by clicking Read More --)
They only sold packs of 4 pieces but I didn't mind since I knew I would be able to use them anyway. They were Php 999.75. Yes, a lot more expensive than the ones I bought in the US even with an exchange rate of Php 45.00!

I have been wanting to bake a moist yellow scratch cake from Bakerella, but I couldn't find butter flavoring anywhere!

Just when I gave up looking for one, I find one in SM as well.

I was on my way to the checkout counter when I came across these adorable animal biscuit cutters! Perfect for puppy treats!

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