My sister Margs, her best friend Naisa and I have been planning to have waffles for the longest time. We were supposed to have them for dinner but then we decided we couldn't postpone it any longer so we decided to have lunch at iHop.
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JT's Manukan Grille


Yes! JT's finally in Makati!

I first tried JT back in 2006 when Raul and I just first started going out. He would take me to JT's Manukan in South Triangle and sometimes the one in Ortigas Ave. Extension when we were in the area. This chicken inasal is the closest to the one in Bacolod I've ever had to try. I think their chicken and inihaw is the real deal.

I couldn't get a good clear picture of the signage because it was too bright but this is the facade of JT's Malugay branch. (Read On bu clicking Read More -->)
My sister was the one who told me about Shang Palace's all you can eat dimsum (Dimsum Plus) and she took me there one Saturday when I didn't have work. I must say, I have always thought that Shang Palace had the BEST Chinese food ever. Their all you can eat dimsum is available everyday from Mondays to Saturdays (except Sundays), priced at PhP 800++ per head.

The only downfall was that it took them forever to bring your order. The reason? Each order is prepared fresh! It's one of those buffets where you order from a menu and it comes to you hot! What do you think? Is all that waiting worth the price? I didn't think so because by the time you get your third order of shrimp dumplings, you'd be stuffed already. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
I still remember the first time I ever tried Tong Yang. It was the year my cousin came home from the US and it was in the old branch in Megamall before they even renovated. We had such a grand time that it became one of our favorite restaurants.

We have been eating in Tong Yang Jupiter since then like maybe at least once a week, sometimes twice and it's really a yummy experience every time! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
Raul and I drove all the way to Tiendesitas today in search of a new bed for our puppy Mylo. It was already lunch time so we decided to just eat lunch there and check out the food stores there. We wanted to eat somewhere we haven't eaten before.

We checked out the others but most of the stalls we've already tried. And that's when we came across  Jun & Jun Cebu Lechon. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
Every chance we get, we go spend long weekends in Subic in my brother in law's house. And when we do, we make it a point to make time to go and eat dinner at Rama Mahal, an authentic Indian restaurant that has been around for quite some time. (Read on by clicking READ MORE -->)
My husband Raul and I first heard about King One from his boss. He told Raul that it was the best Shabu-Shabu restaurant he has eaten in and that this restaurant was his favorite. Curious, we drove that following weekend to King One to give it a try. Since the only Shabu-Shabu restaurant that we know of is Healthy Shabu Shabu in Rockwell at that time, we didn't know how to mix our own dipping sauce, which Healthy Shabu Shabu provided. So our first King One experience wasn't that memorable for us. This happened a few months ago.

Then, a few months went by and we decided to try it out for the second time, (this was just a couple of weeks ago), and our experience this time was different. For some reason, we enjoyed King One and we loved it! The waiter sensed that we didn't know what sauce to make and he offered to make us their "special sauce". It was just DELICIOUS!

So the third time we ate there, it was even better than the second because we knew about the sauce. So if you chance upon King One, order their "special sauce." (Read on by clicking READ MORE -->)

Kublai's Rock


My sister and I were both craving for Mongolian but we didn't know where to go. We didn't know where Mongolian Grill had transferred so we had to think of an alternative. We were already in the Makati area and that's when she thought of Kublai's. She knew that it was a Mongolian place so we decided to try it out instead of going to Polo Club because they only served Mongolian on Saturdays. (Read on by clicking READ MORE -->)

Kaya, Glorietta


My sister and I had lunch today in Kaya. I have eaten in Kaya before but really, it's been years.