Kaya, Glorietta


My sister and I had lunch today in Kaya. I have eaten in Kaya before but really, it's been years.
After the waiter took our orders, we were given this free flowing soup which didn't really taste that good. It reminded me of something that I couldn't place.

My sister ordered the bibimbap which according to her was not bad. She did get a little turned off because there was a piece of hair in her food but she told me that overall, she might order it again next time! Hehehe...

Photographed above, is their version of Bulgogi. We ordered the shrimp, squid, and chicken. They come in hot plates (just as it should be). Between the three, I liked the chicken the most because it was a little sweet. The others were either too salty or too garlic-y.

I don't particularly like spicy food, so I had to trust my sister when she said that the spicy paste that they give you are extremely spicy. Eek!

Let's see... Their japchae is a little bland. Whenever my sister cooks this dish, it's bursting with flavors. A mixture of sweet, salty and a little spicy!

My sister had to take a doggy bag since there was a lot left over.


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