JT's Manukan Grille


Yes! JT's finally in Makati!

I first tried JT back in 2006 when Raul and I just first started going out. He would take me to JT's Manukan in South Triangle and sometimes the one in Ortigas Ave. Extension when we were in the area. This chicken inasal is the closest to the one in Bacolod I've ever had to try. I think their chicken and inihaw is the real deal.

I couldn't get a good clear picture of the signage because it was too bright but this is the facade of JT's Malugay branch. (Read On bu clicking Read More -->)
The JT's in Ortigas and in QC has only outside seating. Well, it was back in 2006. I am not sure if they have an airconditioned place now like the one in Malugay. The place was quite full but found a small table in the back for me and Raul.
And the food finally arrived...
Mmm! Raul ordered their garlic rice with chicken inasal oil. Of course it doesn't come like that, it's dome shaped and the garlic is on top of the rice with the oil drizzled on top. Raul was just too excited to eat that I wasn't able to take a photo of it. Haha!
We both ordered the Paa, which is the leg and thigh, and Corazon which is chicken heart. I know it just looks gross on the stick like that but it's just absolutely to die for!

Their chicken has great tasting flavor already that you don't really need any sauce for it. But who can resist a sawsawan of toyo and suka with sili?

Their simple but to die for menu.
JT's branches. I love that Malugay is just a 5 minute drive away, about a 10 minute walk from our place. It's wonderful, but not for our diet!

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