Kublai's Rock


My sister and I were both craving for Mongolian but we didn't know where to go. We didn't know where Mongolian Grill had transferred so we had to think of an alternative. We were already in the Makati area and that's when she thought of Kublai's. She knew that it was a Mongolian place so we decided to try it out instead of going to Polo Club because they only served Mongolian on Saturdays. (Read on by clicking READ MORE -->)
This wasn't the first time I went to Kublai's. My first time in Kublais wasn't really a good experience. There was a live rockband playing and the place was jam-packed. Because of the amount of people that were there, it became really warm and sweaty, and the music was just so loud that I nearly fainted.

But since it was lunch time, I decided to give the place another try.

I liked their lunch set up. It looked like a real restaurant and it had a cozy feel in spite of the grunge decor. We got there at 11:15AM so they weren't serving lunch yet (they serve at 11:30AM), which gave me plenty of time to take pics.
When their Mongolian buffet finally opened, I saw that there were a lot of pretty good choices. Although, Mongolian Grill's selection took the first place, Polo Club takes second, and Kublai's takes third. They had good vegetable selections, and they had squid which made it worth the trip.
Now the waiting game begins. I was opted to put a lot of veggies and meat (no rice so that I can keep going back for seconds), and flavored it to make it sweet!

When my first bowl finally arrived, it didn't really smell like I hoped it would be. The taste wasn't too! It tasted more salty and sour than it did sweet so I was a bit disappointed. Of course, this was all my doing so I can't really blame the cook. I tasted the ingredients one by one and discovered that the fried tofu made my bowl sour. The beef though was exquisite! Sliced like Sukiyaki and it was really tender.
My second bowl on the other hand was so much better! It was delicious! I removed the ingredients that could make it sour and what was left was this heavenly sweet and salty taste! I was really satisfied and too full to go back for thirds. At least the final taste in my mouth was the one I was craving for.
My sister and I had a really good experience. It was pretty good that's why I don't understand why we were the only people there, even though we finished at 12:30PM.

The buffet was PhP 350.00 net per person. Not bad for an all you can eat buffet!

See you again soon!


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