My sister was the one who told me about Shang Palace's all you can eat dimsum (Dimsum Plus) and she took me there one Saturday when I didn't have work. I must say, I have always thought that Shang Palace had the BEST Chinese food ever. Their all you can eat dimsum is available everyday from Mondays to Saturdays (except Sundays), priced at PhP 800++ per head.

The only downfall was that it took them forever to bring your order. The reason? Each order is prepared fresh! It's one of those buffets where you order from a menu and it comes to you hot! What do you think? Is all that waiting worth the price? I didn't think so because by the time you get your third order of shrimp dumplings, you'd be stuffed already. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
Shang Palace never disappoints! We were able to order everything we love at this place and everything was just exquisite! Too bad they take about 15 minutes to prepare your food each time you order. So the trick is, order as much as you can at one time (of course, order only food you know you can finish) so that the food all arrives at the same time.

Their servings are small and dimsum are ordered per piece so you can sample all the dimsum by ordering 1 piece of each!
Even though their food takes time to be served, I can't find to hate them. I just love their food so much!

I'm allergic to Chinese food, an allergic reaction that causes to trigger my migraine. But Shang Palace is just so totally worth it.

Location: Shang Palace, 2nd Floor Makati Shangri-La
Contact No.: 840-0884
Store Hours: 11:30AM - 2:30PM


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