I still remember the first time I ever tried Tong Yang. It was the year my cousin came home from the US and it was in the old branch in Megamall before they even renovated. We had such a grand time that it became one of our favorite restaurants.

We have been eating in Tong Yang Jupiter since then like maybe at least once a week, sometimes twice and it's really a yummy experience every time! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
I had dinner with Raul, my sister, her hubby, and my cousins last night and of course our chosen restaurant was Tong Yang.
In their frozen stuff section, our favorite is the fresh squid balls and fresh shrimp balls. Take note of the word FRESH. These balls are prepared fresh everyday and it's really different from the frozen ones. The oysters are amazing to grill as well. Mmm!
I love the way TY Jupiter arranged their food bar. It's easily accessible to everyone.
Check out all the fresh ingredients! When you're lucky, on your visit you may find frog legs and baby octopus! I don't care much for frog legs because they freak me out. But the others are just delicious, either you grill or put them in your soup.
Here are just some of our favorite stuff (photographed above). Now, before sitting down and start eating, let's make our sauce.
Let me give you the recipe of my special sauce for shabu shabu and it's just yummy! Well, at least I think so:
In your soup bowl (not the ones that is placed by the sauce station because they are smaller), add the following ingredients:

2 scoops Shabu Shabu sauce
2 scoops Sate with egg
2 scoops garlic
2 scoops spring onions
2 scoops terriyaki sauce
Pure Sate

You won't find the pure sate in the sauce bar so ask your server for a bowl of pure sate.
Now, the soup on the left is their plain chicken soup. The one on the right is their spicy soup, this one is my favorite. It's not very spicy and it's just right! We always get 2 types of soup, but you can get one kind too if you prefer it.
I love this too: Butter your hot plate (just a little), and grill the thinly sliced pork neck until crispy. Then dip in IKAYAKI sauce. It's just amazing! Salty and sweet flavors with a little spice!
My family! We were given a private room because we were a group of 8 persons. If you are 8 or more, you can request for a private room.

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