Raul and I drove all the way to Tiendesitas today in search of a new bed for our puppy Mylo. It was already lunch time so we decided to just eat lunch there and check out the food stores there. We wanted to eat somewhere we haven't eaten before.

We checked out the others but most of the stalls we've already tried. And that's when we came across  Jun & Jun Cebu Lechon. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)
Their Cebu Lechon looked promising. The color was perfect and the smell was just enticing! And so... We sat down and decided to give it a try.
Their menu had a lot of pretty good items in them. I wanted to try so much food but Raul and I wouldn't be able to finish all the food just the two of us. So, the waitress recommended some of their "best-sellers".
First, let me tell you about their supposedly "famous" lechon. Rating this from 1-5, 5 being the highest, I would rate this a 1. They serve their lechon cold. Probably because they really couldn't roast it all over again, so the oil was already solidifying. The skin of the lechon wasn't crispy, it was rubbery and was very difficult to chew. The taste however was OK. It had the right amount of salt, and the meat was pretty tender.

The sauce wasn't anything special either. I would have appreciated it more if they served Mang Tomas with it, but instead, it was just plain vinegar and soy sauce.
ISAW. I love isaw! The first time I had isaw was when I was still in elementary and my brother took me to an "isawan" near our house in BF. I remember that their isaw wasn't red in color but it looked sort-of beige-y and it was just salted which I really loved specially if you dip it in vinegar with chopped red onions.

Lately though, isaws have evolved I guess. They marinate it in Filipino style BBQ sauce made from Soy Sauce and Banana Catsup which I don't really like. Jun & Jun's isaw lacked that street food taste. It wasn't THAT bad, but price wise? I think it was overpriced, PhP 30 per stick. Their dipping sauce is the same one they serve with the lechon.
Ahhh, their sisig. I don't know what to say. It's salty. Very, VERY salty. Raul and I had 2 bites each. It really was inedible. The hot plate wasn't sizzling, the meat was cold.
I didn't regret eating here for lunch today. At least I felt I was a little adventures today with my food. Usually when I'm really hungry, I always go for food that I have already tried and tested before. This time? I was actually happy that I was able to try something out of the norm, even though the food was not great.

Yay for me!

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