I have always loved Chinese food. It's easy to cook and the flavors are just so delightful! I knew I wanted to cook fish but I was tired of having to fry it. So this time, I will steam... Chinese style!
I love that the Sole fillet has a buttery texture when steamed. It's affordable and they sell them filleted already so you wouldn't have to fillet them yourself. I like buying Sole fillets from Cold Storage because it's not fishy even after you cook it! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

I was running out of things to cook for dinner tonight when I remembered that I had that piece of pork tenderloin in the freezer I bought a few weeks ago. There's no better time to cook it than now! Besides, I was getting tired of chicken and fish I am starting to grow scales and feathers.

This recipe is best if your use pork chops (without the bones), cut into steak like pieces. But pork tenderloin works too! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

I have been eating fried during the holidays so I thought having poached fish is just about right for lunch. This is a simple yet flavorful recipe for sole fillet.

I love that it has a pretty mild taste that you can put either mustard on top of it or just drizzle with lemon juices and salt. You can also use Pantai Sweet Chili Sauce if you want a little bit of Thai taste. When I cooked this for my friend one time she just drizzled the fish with Truffle oil, and told me that it still tasted great! Healthy doesn't have to be boring! Try this recipe today! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

I love having to go home early, I get to do a lot of things done! I was able to prepare dinner while I had guests over for merienda. I already prepared all the ingredients ahead of time so that all I would have to do later is put all the ingredients in the pot to cook!

Slow cooking is one of my favorite methods of cooking. This doesn't leave the meat to flake. It makes the meat so tender! I just love this dish! You can also use pork if you want but it takes a longer time to cook.

I saw this recipe in a website and after cooking it 2 or 3 times before, I was able to adjust the taste to how my family and friends liked it. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

Hello hello hello!

It's been a while since I last made a dish, I have been extremely busy during the holidays that I haven't had the time to bussle in the kitchen!

Today is New Year's eve and I have lots of free time, hence, the special lunch I was able to cook for my husband and I. This recipe is very easy to make, and it beats the usual fast fried chicken recipe! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

Ok. A break from all the butter and cream dishes. This time I decided to cook something healthy for dinner. I love Sole fillets, I think they are easy to cook and it's really versatile. Even if you freeze it for a month, it doesn't get that fishy taste, and you won't be needing ginger to hide that funky taste! Plus, I just love the Sole's buttery texture.

If you are looking for something healthy to eat and a dish with a tangy taste, without having to cook the usual sweet & sour sauce with catsup and sugar. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

What is Panko you may ask? It's basically a variety of flaky bread crumbs used in Japanese cuisine as a crunchy coating for fried food, such as tonkatsu and tempura.

For the past few nights, we have been having pork and beef and I guess it was time for us to have fish for a change. I'm very thankful that Raul can eat anything. He is not afraid to try different food, even though his favorite is monggo soup with tinapa.

I only had about 30 minutes to cook because I had work today, and Raul was going to be home in a few minutes. So I had to make something that didn't involve too much chopping and peeling. So I came up with this dish that I have cooked with pork chops before, but instead of chops, I used Salmon.

Impress your friends when you serve this dish! They'll think that you spent hours making it! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

Here we go again with the leftovers. Raul and I were doing our groceries yesterday and we decided to pick up Rustan's' roasted pork chops. It was too much for us to finish so we decided to keep it and cook it for dinner the following day, which was tonight.

Raul has been wanting to cook for a while now, but he's been busy at work. Thank God he was so determined to cook tonight that all I had to do was watch and take pictures of him as he expertly moved around the kitchen to cook dinner for me. I'm so happy Raul loves to cook too. Haha! (Read On by clicking Read More-->)

Growing up, my yaya would cook these amazing meatballs (bola-bola) swimming in sweet and sour sauce. Sometimes she would do bola-bola miswa, a.k.a. Almondigas, which was also one of my all time favorite dishes made by our yaya of 34 years (well, 31 years for me).

I was getting kind of tired of the same bola-bola dishes that I decided to concoct my own bola-bola dish that would be my own family's favorite! I tweaked my kabob recipe a little bit and made it into balls, and used beef and pork instead of lamb and came up with this dish. As for the sauce, I wanted a middle eastern taste to it with a mix of greek at the same time... If that makes any sense at all.

The combination of ingredients and cuisines are explosive! I hope you enjoy this one too! (Read On by clicking Read More -->)

I love pork specially if it's the lean part. It's as healthy as chicken breast, but definitely not that dry. I chose the rib part because it has the least fat (at least that is what I see when I cook pork ribs). Chops would be good too for this recipe, but I wanted something with a bone for better presentation. Remember, when entertaining in your home, it's not just about the taste, it's how you present it as well. *wink wink* 

Another great meat that you can use this recipe with is with lamb ribs. Ooooh... I love that lamb can be so tender and juicy when it is cooked just right! If you are using lamb though, you do not have to par-broil. Also when using pork chops. Par-broil only with pork ribs. (Read On by clicking Read More -->)